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Great Armwrestling match ups

September 30, 2008

Everybody loves to see great match ups.  

Travis Bagent vs John Brzenk

RJ Molinere vs Craig Tullier

Engin Terzi vs Cvetan Gashevski

Well, the next 3 videos are a treat for hard core armwrestling fans.

Two of armwrestlings most power men Bucky Russell vs James Smith.


Travis Bagent vs John Brzenk

Travis Bagent vs John Brzenk


Travis Bagent vs John Brzenk

Travis Bagent vs John Brzenk
















James Smith vs Bucky Russell – NAL – Denver – 215lb+ [.mov]   PART 1 of 3


Michael Selearis

September 29, 2008

Amrwrestlings biggest enigma, Michael Selearis is a fierce commpetitor.  Michael is never underestimated and always unpredictable.  Top roll, hook, shoulder press, Michael has all the skills of a seasoned pro. Michael is in control of his entire persona while at the table.  

He can wrestle at a wide variety of weight classes (176lb+) and maintain a competive edge.

Michael’s armwrestling career has been a nightmare for such greats as Bryan Johnson, Kevin Bongard, Todd Hutchings and he even gave John Brzenk a left handed battle that shall never be forgotten in Las Vegas, Nevada.



Michael Selearis

Michael Selearis


Michael Selearis Interview – NAL – Denver [.mov]



Neil Pickup + Ruler of the Nation

September 27, 2008

Every top notch event should have a great MC.  This year, Ruler of the Nation is providing the best MC in the business, Neil Pickup.  The NAL would also like to give mad props to Don Underwood and James Retarides, both great MCs in the armwrestling community.

Neil Pickup (right) interviewing Travis Bagnet


Michael Selearis vs Bryan Johnson – NAL – 185lb Denver

Do you want to armwrestle at the Arnold Classic?

September 25, 2008

Do you want to armwrestle at the Arnold Classic?  Do you want to find an armwrestling event in your area?

Denise and Leonard have the website for you.  Check out

USA Armwrestling is one of the premiere armwrestling organization in the world.  They have competitions for all skill levels.


USA Armwrestling - Premiere Armwrestling Promoter

USA Armwrestling - Premiere Armwrestling Promoter


Larry Ermini vs ? – NAL – Denver [.mov]

telephone interviews

September 24, 2008

We are excited to start doing radio interviews with the competitors who will be attending this years “Ruler of the Nation”.

We are just waiting for a couple pieces of recording equipment and we should get our first interviews up in the next 7 days.


Charles Fisk vs Frank Hirst – NAL – 215lb Right Hand [.mov]

Movie time – Pulling John

September 22, 2008


Everyday is one step closer to the release of “Pulling John”.  Final assembly of the movie is complete and details regarding sound/color are finished.  Shopping for a distribution deal is underway.

Todays video is a treat.  The heavly underrated Brian Brandon had great success in the stacked class at the NAL Denver event.


Pulling John the movie -

Pulling John the movie -


Video – Brian Brandon vs Luke Pulscher – 215lb right hand [.mov]

Armwrestling daily “WOD” coming soon

September 21, 2008

The NAL is happy to announce that an Armwrestling Fitness programing is coming to the site.

This will involve a daily WOD (work out of the day).  Athletes are encouraged to post their work out times and accomplishments in the comments section.


Michael Todd

Michael Todd


Todays Video – Interview with Tony Kitowski after his win over DJ Savoy

Tony Kitowski Interview Video [.mov]

Coming down the pipe

September 20, 2008

The NAL has plans to emerge as a single champion league.  Most likely this will be right hand.  Weight class is yet to be determined.

Todays video is 185lb right hand match from Denver – NAL

Kitowski vs. Savoy [.mov]

World of Armwrestling website

September 19, 2008

The site World of Armwrestling just keeps growing and getting better.  Charlie Minell (Sweeden) and friends have done a fantastic job.  This is the place to go to get the international scoop and learn about armwrestlers from all around the world.


Todays Video Jerry Cole vs. Garrett Richardson – 185lb NAL Denver



John Brzenk 2006 Zloty

John Brzenk 2006 Zloty

Training Camp with the GREAT Allen Fisher

September 18, 2008

Learn how to armwrestle from a master armwrestler Allen Fisher ARMWRESTLING TRAINING CAMP

Todays video Brian Tamblyn vs Justin Kaufman 185lb NAL Denver



Allen Fisher – Armwrestler Extroadinare