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Armwrestling Machine

October 31, 2008

For years I have ben wanting to get an armwrestling machine.  It is a serious investment.

Recently I emailed with John Cole at and it looks like I can get a machine for $1,600 + $220 for shipping (see pictures below).  

That’s some serious cash, but the machine looks so yummy.  I can’t wait to get my hands on a machine.  

From “the MAN” of armwrestling, over the giant pond, in Poland, we can see an entire selection of gear/machines.  Check out Mazerenko Armwrestling Promotion.  I find the Mazurenko Machine on page 14 and 15 of particular interest,.  I will email Igor tonight and see what it take$ to get a hold of such a machine.

There is also a more economical route.  EXTREME Arm Wrestling Machine  is available for $399 + $99 for shipping.  This machine does not appear to offer back pressure simultaneously with side pressure.  This machine looks fun and I wouldn’t kick it out of the living room if one showed up on my door step.



Courtesy of
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Todays workout

Warm up 

overhead squat 135lbs – 5 sets – 1,2,3,4,5

Todays WOD – Every 50 seconds

1 power clean 145lbs, front squat to thruster

3 pull ups

20 rounds

I used an interval timer and started a new round every 50 seconds.  




Travis talks about Zloty Tur and more – Travis Phone Conversation part 3


Jacob Abbot

October 28, 2008

When I think of a great armwrestler that the world doesn’t get to see enough of, I have visions of Jacob Abbot.  Sure, there are a lot of great armwrestlers that come and go, but I suspect that you can knock on Jacob’s door any time of the day… 365 days a year.. and enter him in a contest with the 10 best armwrestlers in North America…. in his weight class.   And Jacob finishes top 3.  Jacob’s level is that of the once formiable Bill Brzenk and the ever dangerous Kevin Bongard.  At any weight class, Jacob will finish in the top.



John Brzenk vs Jacob Abbot

John Brzenk vs Jacob Abbot

BEEN VIOLENTLY SICK FOR 3 DAYS… no training… not sure what end to put on the toilet.. things have been rough.

Kevin Bongard vs Chad Silvers – 185lb super match round 2 [.mov]

Styles make good match ups

October 26, 2008

Or is it “Styles make bad match ups”

Or is it, the strongest guy/gal wins?

Yes, this photo is from a tournament in Sweden where Heidi Anderson can often be seen competing and winning over men. PHOTO COURTESY OF


Heidi Anderson - Sweden - Blockbryet 2008

Heidi Anderson - Sweden - Blockbryet 2008

Today WOD

15 dead lifts

12 hang power cleans

9  front squats

6 push jerks

135lbs, 5 rounds, for time

post your time in the comments – my time was 31:59

Kevin Bongard & Chad Silvers – 185lb pre-fight part 4[.mov]

Biggest hand in Armwrestling

October 24, 2008

Cleve Dean ?

During the making of Pulling John the movie I met Cleve Dean and had a chance to hang out with him for a couple days.  He was kind, gentle and easy going.  Cleve was an ex pig farmer now mobile homes salesman. We (Bessie, Cleve and me) stopped by a local junk yard that had a copy machine and made this…  it is an actual size Cleve Dean hand (if you click the photo).  

Is your hand bigger?

Actual Size of Cleve Dean's hand

click for actual Size of Cleve Dean's hand

Today I did

305lb Deadlifts

3 reps

5 sets

rest 2-3 minutes between sets

finished workout with 15 reps (1 set) – 135lb – front squats – hip crease below knee

VIDEOS – courtesy of

Front squat – learn the front squat [.mov]

Front squat – learn the front squat [.wmv]


October 23, 2008

Is there a more painful, more practical or more functional exercise? BURPEES


Robbi Topi, Marcio Barboza, Tom Nelson

Robbi Topi, Marcio Barboza, Tom Nelson

Today I did

12 burpees

12 pull ups

10 rounds


It HURT! – 

post your time to comments



Kevin Bongard & Chad Silvers – 185lb pre-fight part 3[.mov]

Camp Pendleton

October 21, 2008

Hello folks.  I have been in So Cal filming, attending CrossFit Seminars and competing in CrossFit events (I lost to a 9 year old girl- video coming soon).

I have also been filming at Camp Pendleton over the past 2 days.  CrossFit is launching operation Phoenix next week and I was collecting shots for a “launch” video.

Here is a photo of me taking a break.  As I recall, I am texting Christian Binnie, setting up a phone chat session for tomorrow.

Sevan @ Camp Pendleton

Sevan @ Camp Pendleton


Today at Camp Pendleton I saw a CrossFitter named Craig do this work out in 8 minutes

5 tire flips (525lb tire/rim)

10 push press 105lb (log)

15 pull ups

100 yard run + 2 flights of stairs

3 – rounds

It was very impressive!

Travis Bagent phone conversation October 2008 part 3

Bagent phone call part 2

October 19, 2008

Travis Bagent phone conversation October 2008 part 2

Zloty, Denis Cyplenkov, Christian Binnie, Devon Larrat and of course…

October 18, 2008
John Brzenk and Taras IvakinJohn Brzenk and Taras Ivakin


Travis is always fun to talk to.  He is like an armwresting data cruncher.  I just give him the topic and he expounds on it.  honesty Honesty HONESTY is his strong suit.  John McCain could learn a thing or two about straight talk from T. Bagent

The picture above is from the Ukraine (Igor Mazurenko from Arm Power hosted this match).  You can see this match up between Taras and John in the upcoming movie,  “Pulling John”.  This match up was organized after Taras nearly beat John at the 2004 Zloty Tur in a grueling match that had John 1 inch or less from the pin pad.    


Travis Bagent phone conversation October 2008 part 1


Check this out –

Check out Craig Stevenson crush a tough dead lift workout

John Brzenk isn’t left handed

October 17, 2008

Yes his left is the third best in North America.  Ryan Espey got nothing for John.  Pete Milano will set it up soon (Brzenk vs Espey) and we will all see that next to Travis Bagent, Brzenk is the third best left handed armwrestler in North america and top 10 in the world.  AND he seems to be getting better.

Who is number 2 in North America?



John Brzenk - NAL

John Brzenk - NAL

Ron Bath phone Conversation – ROTN 2008 part 2 [.mov]

this conversation took place before ROTN



10 Clean and jerks (squat clean), 10% over body, 1 rep every 2 minutes ( I did 175lbs)

10 front squats – 135lbs

100 situps 

post weight used to comments

Clean and Jerk [.mov]

video is courtesy of

Terzi, Engin Terzi

October 16, 2008

People, if you have not seen Engin Terzi armwrestle then it is probably not a good idea to have an opinion on who would be a good match up for this guy.  He is not average, he is not above average.  I would not even say he is great.

He is in a whole different league.  If John Brzenk sits on a lonely pedastool, then Terzi is his closest neighbor (weight class appropriate).  In Engin’s prime he was the “BAR”.  There are a few others who have since met the standards that Engin set with regards to success, tournament travel and longevity (Cvetan Gashevski).  

I would be very surprised if any North American armwrestler under 185lbs could last on the table with Engin for more than 1 second.  When the referee says go, Engin’s opponents have felt electricity surge through their arm from the violent, explosive impact that is generated by Terzi’s mega hit.

A crack/hit/slap that is not only felt by his opponents living relatives but dead ones’ too.

The 165lb class has the potential to be the most difficult class at WAF Worlds in 2008.  If everybody shows, finishing top 6 will be a super heroes feat.

I believe Jake Smith referred to Engin as “respectful” yet an “animal at the table”.  This is an understatement. Terzi is intimidating, confident and in control.

All this being said, he has little chance of finishing #1 a the worlds.


Over The Top Movie Poster

Over The Top Movie Poster

Workout: I did

Morning – 100 burpees, hip and chest to floor to 1 foot vertical jump (both hands) in 9:15

Evening – 100 Pullups on square 2×4 bar, chest to bar in 11:36

Post your times in the comments



Kevin Bongard vs Chad Silvers – 185lb super match round 1 [.mov]