Left Handed Armwrestling

The era of left handed armwrestling is here.  The reason Left handed armwrestling is so popular today can be attributed to one man, Travis Bagent.  Or from another perspective, it can be attributed to the members of the Travis Bagent fan club.  Either way, it is all BAGENT.

Travis has done for armwrestling what peanut butter did for bread. 

Travis is so good with his left, that you could line up Devon Larrat, John Brzek, Eric Woelfel, Denis “Munster” Cyplekov, Alexey Voevoda, Alexey Semerenko, Marcio Barboza, F.U. (formerly known as Farhid Usmanov), and anybody else you can think of… and Travis will go undefeated.  

TRAVIS BAGENT (read aloud) is just on a totally different level.  He has the strength, the angles, and the speed.  The only missing or questionable element in Bagent’s otherwise perfect arsenal is a transition from top roll to press.  

I understand the “Denis question”.  I understand the excitement of this match up but Travis will smash him and the only question is – how will Denis will react to this defeat.


Ron Bath, ?, Michael Selearis, Craig Tullier, Travis Bagent - 2005 Get A Grip

Ron Bath, ?, Michael Selearis, Craig Tullier, Travis Bagent - 2005 Get A Grip


Today I did 10 sets of deadlifts @ 250lbs

1 x 250

2 x 250

3 x 250

4 x 250

5 x 250

6 x 250

7 x 250

8 x 250

9 x 250

10 x 250

2 minute rest between sets

Can you do this ?  Post results to comments



Chad Silvers & Kevin Bongard – pre-fight chat part 2 [.mov]


11 Responses to “Left Handed Armwrestling”

  1. craig stevenson Says:

    I will film myself doing this over the weekend and get it posted up. I wouldnt mind a little fitness challenge between website operators. I will come up with something interesting challenge to tack on to the end of the video.

  2. armwrestling Says:

    Hi Craig,

    Sounds cool.. On the final set of 10… my hand lost a chunk of skin about the size of a dime below the callous on my ring finger. It was pretty bloody and painful.. and I am proud of the wound. 🙂

    I used alternating split grip on every set after 3.


  3. craig stevenson Says:

    Deadlift from craig stevenson on Vimeo.

  4. Jason Antonio Says:


    Ouch! Use some lifting gloves or a lifting strap!!!

  5. armwrestling Says:

    Gloves, Straps ?

    What for?

  6. The Science of Gaydar Says:

    […] Originally Posted by Gipper That's why there will never be a gay arm wrestling champion. Left Handed Armwrestling Reply With Quote […]

  7. Tudoggs Says:

    pure domination

  8. Tudoggs Says:

    Lou vs Holllywood

  9. Tudoggs Says:


  10. Tudoggs Says:


  11. Leonard Gunnar Says:

    Don’t have one but u will go down real talk

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