Biggest hand in Armwrestling

Cleve Dean ?

During the making of Pulling John the movie I met Cleve Dean and had a chance to hang out with him for a couple days.  He was kind, gentle and easy going.  Cleve was an ex pig farmer now mobile homes salesman. We (Bessie, Cleve and me) stopped by a local junk yard that had a copy machine and made this…  it is an actual size Cleve Dean hand (if you click the photo).  

Is your hand bigger?

Actual Size of Cleve Dean's hand

click for actual Size of Cleve Dean's hand

Today I did

305lb Deadlifts

3 reps

5 sets

rest 2-3 minutes between sets

finished workout with 15 reps (1 set) – 135lb – front squats – hip crease below knee

VIDEOS – courtesy of

Front squat – learn the front squat [.mov]

Front squat – learn the front squat [.wmv]


20 Responses to “Biggest hand in Armwrestling”

  1. Joe Musselwhite Says:

    NOT the biggest hand in Arm Wrestling.

    Ron Howell from Texas has a bigger hand than Cleve’s.

    Ron’s is longer and THICKER.

    Mighty Joe

  2. hello Says:

    the questions is, is the it the actual handsize when i click on the picture or when i click it twice and make it bigger? if its the bigger version, than he would be no human 🙂

  3. armwrestling Says:


    i just click it once and I get the actual size.. and it is huge

    Hey joe.. can we see a picture?

    can you email me a picture of howell’s hand?


  4. Josh Handeland Says:

    You click on it twice for sure, otherwise it would not even be big, let alone the biggest ever.

    I consider my hand to be small for an armwrestler (maybe average for a non-armwrestler) and while Cleve’s fingers are a fair amount longer than mine if I just line my fingers up with his hand, it’s not by an amazing amount. Though they are big and are very thick, too. However, the base of his hand is huge, very wide, and his thumb is very, very long and big. All in all his hand is enormous and I’ll have to see how it compared with 2 other guys I know who have huge hands. One of them has a huge hand, the other one has a big hand but mainly just has super long fingers.

  5. Josh Handeland Says:

    Acautlly, I get a different size picture depending on what computer I am on! On this particular computer, his hand size seems impossiblly big, but idk which one is the true size!

  6. neil robinson Says:

    Cleves hand is 10 inches from rist to middle finger tip. And his palm is 5 and a 1/4 wide at top palm. and he wears 20 on ring finger


  7. neil robinson Says:

    And Rons hand isnt even in the ball park compared to cleves ill bet on it.

  8. Robin Howell Shy Says:

    Ron Howell is my dad. I have asked him to copy his hand and post it.

  9. Robin Howell Shy Says:

    Also I believe the only person that my dad has ever met and shook hands with that has bigger hands than him was Andre the Giant. I think you got him Dad! Love you!

  10. timmeh Says:

    arron, this is like big time smelly gean

  11. Charles Says:

    Fort Worth Texas Star Telegram once had full page set aside to show extent of hand/finger size of Andre Roussemoff (Andre The Giant) I am sure it took up more territory than Dean’s. The fact that Andre was almost 10 inches taller had a lot to do with it. One American might have had larger hands—Mills Darden, who I think died around 1857. He was 7 feet six inches and 1,020 pounds, chest measurement over 80 inches, during hog calling sessions his voice could be heard for several miles. Emperor Maximinus Thrax of Rome, statue in Vatican Museum, is said to have been 8 feet 6 inches, wore bracelet as ring, outran racehorse & overcame pull of chariot team. Too bad he can’t compete in physical sports today!

  12. orestes martinez Says:

    my father used to have big hand and thick finger very thick

  13. orestes martinez Says:

    my father have big hand and thick finger

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  16. terri olliff Says:

    hi, cleve dean is “my daddy”, and yes he had the biggest hand in armwrestling and most anywhere else! As awesome as that is his “heart” was much bigger!! isn’t that what really matters?

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  18. Millard Says:

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  20. Terri Olliff Says:

    Yes, Cleve Dean had the biggest hand in arm wrestling, darn near the biggset hand all over. The only thing bigger was his heart. He was my Daddy & I miss him dearly. I love that I can go to websites like this one & see & read about him. My kids do too!

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