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Rob Vigeant JR vs. Sylvain Perron

January 30, 2009

On Feb. 28th these guys are going to meet up and Vigeant will have the opportunity to start his legacy.

If Perron gets his shoulder behind his hand Vigeant will be in for the biggest war of his career.  Much greater than his battle with Brzenk less than a year ago.

Although Perron is known for his tremendous hook and recognized the world over for his shoulder press, his top roll has beaten the BEST!

Milano and the NAA are bringing armwrestling fans something extraordinary.  This is not only a great physical match up, but a historical event in armwrestling history.

God Damn I hope ArmTV is there to film this match.


Chad, Andreas, Bessie, John, Charlie

Chad, Andreas, Bessie, John, Charlie

Picture from filming of  “Pulling John” at 2004 Zloty Tur


Pulling John

January 28, 2009

The movie is done.  

Whooptie doooo.

Ok, when is it going to premier?

It is going to premier at the SXSW film festival in Austin, Texas.  Yes, that is the 4th most prestigious film festival in the world. 

Yeah, I am stoked.  Stay tuned for more details and a trailer.