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Pulling John – World Premier – Austin Schedule

February 26, 2009


Pulling John
Director: Vassiliki Khonsari & Sevan Matossian
Cast: John Brzenk, Travis Bagent, Alexy Voevoda
Runtime: 72:00 minutes 

Screening Times

3:00 PM, Saturday March 14th – Austin Convention Ctr

5:00 PM, Tuesday March 17th – Alamo Ritz 2 

10:00 PM, Friday March 20th – Alamo Lamar 3 

everything subject to change


Trailer time

February 13, 2009

Pulling John Trailer 1

More trailers to come

the other movie

February 3, 2009

Yeah, 2 movies coming out in the next couple months 

1. Pulling John – trailer coming soon

2. Every Second Counts

Kelly Nelson
Kelly Nelson
todays WOD
12 Burpees (burpee sprints)
9 rounds
20 second rest between round

30 sit ups
7 rounds
30 second rest between rounds

Max pull ups
20 rounds
30 seconds rest between rounds

I got 23 pull ups in my first round… full extension.. that  means all the way to the bottom and chin over the bar.

12 pull ups in the second round
For the final 18 rounds I got between 6-10 pullups every round.  I shifted through all 4 grips.

Bagent Bagent Bagent

February 1, 2009

Seriously, why doesn’t this guy have his own TV show.

At the begining of every show, he should armwrestle somebody new.  

It will be a talk show/Dr Phil type show.  Travis has incredible analytical skills, combined with uncanny honesty and is very generous with his words.  He could help people with relationships, job searching, and how to make a dollar last a month (especially helpful in these tough ecopnomic times).

I think I will pitch the show tomorrow.

Anyway – 

I saw this on the NE Message Board

It’s on!!!!!

Travis Bagent vs Preston Wogtech
Best 3 of 5

Train hard young man this is a chance of a lifetime!!!!

~ T. Bagent


We all know who is going to win, but it’s the how that I ponder.


Bagent, Brzenk, Minell, Selearis



Bagent, Brzenk, Minell, Selearis




and finally – 

The picture of these 4 armwrestling icons is a true test for arwrestling fans.  If you don’t know these guys, then you need to brush up on your armwrestling knowledge.  They have all contributed to armwrestling far beyond the rest of the pact.


WOD I did today

10 dead lifts – 185lbs

100 yard sprint

5 rounds

I forgot to time it.. but I suspect it was under 5 minutes

My lungs were toast 

Armwrestling is going to be in the Olympics

February 1, 2009

Right after this –