Off to Austin


So I am off to Boston.  NO, I mean Austin, where I will meet up with Navid Khonsari, the ever charismatic producer of “Pulling John”.  Our job is easy, we just have to kick back and watch Pulling John and take the highest bid (from a distributor).  

At least that’s what I am hoping – although unlikely to be THAT SMOOTH.  It should be a fantastic weekend.  

Pulling John has already received incredible reviews from the most prestigious documentary department in the world, POV (Point of View).  

But, it does not stop with just props from POV.  “Pulling John” is being touted as a “must see” film (out of a choice of 130 films) at one of the the worlds most prestigious  film festivals, South By Southwest.

I will post photos daily from the film festival. 



WOD – I did today

275lb Dealift 5 reps

10 burpees

5 rounds

4:33 seconds

I dare somebody to try and beat that.  And you can not drop the barbell.  You must keep control of the deadlifts for every rep.

My weight 146lbs


2 Responses to “Off to Austin”

  1. craig stevenson Says:

    hey sevan, its fantastic to hear about pulling john. At some point it was mentioned that there would be DVD’s for sale at the premiere. Is this true? If it isnt true, do you have any idea how those of us on the east coast who couldnt afford to fly out to austin will be able to watch it?

    Shoot me a message at

  2. armwrestling Says:

    Hey Craig,

    I am not sure when it will be available. It is a sensitive issue ’cause we want a big distributor, and THEY will not want the product (DVD) to dilute THEATRICAL interest.

    Hopefully you will get to see it in a theater first and then DVD. I will let you know as soon as I know something.


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