World Premier is IDEAL

I am guessing that I have been to 1100+ movies in my life.  Of these 1100 movies I can maybe….. maybe remember a dozen movie where the crowd actually cheers during the movie.   

During the screening the crowd cheered or clapped at leaset 3 times and laughed a dozen more.  The audience was large, more than 400 people.  The Q&A was solid.  

And John Brzenk and “Pulling John” received a standing ovation. 

Yeah, it was unreal, ideal, epic and a once in a life time moment.

Couldn’t really ask for anything more.

A few die-hard arm-wrestlers showed up…  That was awesome!  Gary Roberts was in the house…  and that was FANTASTIC.  

Michael Todd did a demo at the PULLING JOHN after party, with John Brzenk and the crowd was dazzled!  Michael let John win  🙂

The first question in the Q & A – “Hey John, show us your guns!”

So John obliged.


Navid Khonasari, John Brzenk 2009 SXSW

Navid Khonasari, John Brzenk, Sevan Matossian 2009 SXSW


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