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Pulling John Success

April 4, 2009

The “Pulling John”  screening at the SXSW FIlm Festival was epic.

After the second screening in Austin, Bill Bob Thorton invited Travis to a VIP party for a little booze and fun.

Travis Bagent with TV crew at SXSW Film Festival

Travis Bagent with TV crew at SXSW Film Festival


Travis vs Bill Bob Thorton (.MOV)


Travis Bagent blessing Austin, Texas & SXSW with his presence

March 16, 2009

I just got a call from Travis Bagent and he said he is flying into Austin tonight at 9:55pm.  I am so stoked!

We will set up an armwrestling table in front of Roux from 2pm – 4:30pm tomorrow, Tuesday, March 17th.  I am sure Travis is going to draw a huge crowd.  

A couple years ago, I remember GNC in Manhattan hired Travis to do a store promotion.  Travis got, maintained and energized such a huge crowd that the cops came!

Tomorrows screening at the Ritz is going to be incredible.  This will be Travis’s first time seeing the movie.


2009 South By Southwest Film Festival Screening of "PULLING JOHN"

2009 South By Southwest Film Festival Screening of "PULLING JOHN"

Gary Roberts ArmTV

March 16, 2009

Gary Roberts got an interview with Morgan Spurlock saying “Pulling John” is GREAT.  WOW!

Check it out at ——

Gary Roberts.  Thanks for coming to SXSW.  The film Festival people said you were AWESOME!

We have our second screening on Tuesday at 5pm.

World Premier is IDEAL

March 15, 2009

I am guessing that I have been to 1100+ movies in my life.  Of these 1100 movies I can maybe….. maybe remember a dozen movie where the crowd actually cheers during the movie.   

During the screening the crowd cheered or clapped at leaset 3 times and laughed a dozen more.  The audience was large, more than 400 people.  The Q&A was solid.  

And John Brzenk and “Pulling John” received a standing ovation. 

Yeah, it was unreal, ideal, epic and a once in a life time moment.

Couldn’t really ask for anything more.

A few die-hard arm-wrestlers showed up…  That was awesome!  Gary Roberts was in the house…  and that was FANTASTIC.  

Michael Todd did a demo at the PULLING JOHN after party, with John Brzenk and the crowd was dazzled!  Michael let John win  🙂

The first question in the Q & A – “Hey John, show us your guns!”

So John obliged.


Navid Khonasari, John Brzenk 2009 SXSW

Navid Khonasari, John Brzenk, Sevan Matossian 2009 SXSW

John Gary Michael

March 14, 2009

Today Gary Roberts showed up.  Wow!  There is really no-one better in the armwrestling commmunity for armwrestling than Gary Roberts.  And then Gary told me that Michale Todd was in the house.  As soon as I see 
Michael I will post a pictute.  It is so great to know that Michael would take time to come to Austin to see Pullig John.

I am flattered and so pumped that Gary and Michael will be here for tomorrows screening.

Here is a picture of John Brzenk watching ARM TV at the SXSW film festival computer area. 


John Brzenk at SXSW

John Brzenk at SXSW

John Brzenk arrives in Austin

March 12, 2009

I’ve seen John Brzenk a shit ton in the past 5 years.  And I have traveled the globe with this legend, but every time I see John, it is still exciting.  It is just so awesome to be around an athlete of such high caliber.  

Today we went to the film festival ‘sign-in’ and got our badges.  The air is full of energy and even amongst the sea of movies, “Pulling John” is standing out…. and the BUZZ begins.

Sevan Matossian, Navid Khonsari, John Brzenk

Sevan Matossian, Navid Khonsari, John Brzenk

We arrived in Austin

March 11, 2009

This town is going to be a zoo this weekend.  “South by Southwest” is a premier event in the film and music industry.  You can tell that Austin is preparing for the more than 100,000 people who will descend on the city in the next 72 hours.  The seemingly endless venues/bars line the streets and entice the festival goers.

On Saturday night, after the world premier we will be setting up the NAL, Denver table at the ROUX bar on 6th Street.  People will have an opportunity to grip up with Travis Bagent and John Brzenk. 

Enjoy this video – John Brzenk vs Marcio Barboza – NAL DENVER – (Refereed by Bill Collins)

John Brzenk vs Marcio Barboza – NAL DENVER

Off to Austin

March 10, 2009


So I am off to Boston.  NO, I mean Austin, where I will meet up with Navid Khonsari, the ever charismatic producer of “Pulling John”.  Our job is easy, we just have to kick back and watch Pulling John and take the highest bid (from a distributor).  

At least that’s what I am hoping – although unlikely to be THAT SMOOTH.  It should be a fantastic weekend.  

Pulling John has already received incredible reviews from the most prestigious documentary department in the world, POV (Point of View).  

But, it does not stop with just props from POV.  “Pulling John” is being touted as a “must see” film (out of a choice of 130 films) at one of the the worlds most prestigious  film festivals, South By Southwest.

I will post photos daily from the film festival. 



WOD – I did today

275lb Dealift 5 reps

10 burpees

5 rounds

4:33 seconds

I dare somebody to try and beat that.  And you can not drop the barbell.  You must keep control of the deadlifts for every rep.

My weight 146lbs

Pulling John – World Premier – Austin Schedule

February 26, 2009


Pulling John
Director: Vassiliki Khonsari & Sevan Matossian
Cast: John Brzenk, Travis Bagent, Alexy Voevoda
Runtime: 72:00 minutes 

Screening Times

3:00 PM, Saturday March 14th – Austin Convention Ctr

5:00 PM, Tuesday March 17th – Alamo Ritz 2 

10:00 PM, Friday March 20th – Alamo Lamar 3 

everything subject to change

Trailer time

February 13, 2009

Pulling John Trailer 1

More trailers to come