the other movie

February 3, 2009

Yeah, 2 movies coming out in the next couple months 

1. Pulling John – trailer coming soon

2. Every Second Counts

Kelly Nelson
Kelly Nelson
todays WOD
12 Burpees (burpee sprints)
9 rounds
20 second rest between round

30 sit ups
7 rounds
30 second rest between rounds

Max pull ups
20 rounds
30 seconds rest between rounds

I got 23 pull ups in my first round… full extension.. that  means all the way to the bottom and chin over the bar.

12 pull ups in the second round
For the final 18 rounds I got between 6-10 pullups every round.  I shifted through all 4 grips.

Bagent Bagent Bagent

February 1, 2009

Seriously, why doesn’t this guy have his own TV show.

At the begining of every show, he should armwrestle somebody new.  

It will be a talk show/Dr Phil type show.  Travis has incredible analytical skills, combined with uncanny honesty and is very generous with his words.  He could help people with relationships, job searching, and how to make a dollar last a month (especially helpful in these tough ecopnomic times).

I think I will pitch the show tomorrow.

Anyway – 

I saw this on the NE Message Board

It’s on!!!!!

Travis Bagent vs Preston Wogtech
Best 3 of 5

Train hard young man this is a chance of a lifetime!!!!

~ T. Bagent


We all know who is going to win, but it’s the how that I ponder.


Bagent, Brzenk, Minell, Selearis



Bagent, Brzenk, Minell, Selearis




and finally – 

The picture of these 4 armwrestling icons is a true test for arwrestling fans.  If you don’t know these guys, then you need to brush up on your armwrestling knowledge.  They have all contributed to armwrestling far beyond the rest of the pact.


WOD I did today

10 dead lifts – 185lbs

100 yard sprint

5 rounds

I forgot to time it.. but I suspect it was under 5 minutes

My lungs were toast 

Armwrestling is going to be in the Olympics

February 1, 2009

Right after this –

Rob Vigeant JR vs. Sylvain Perron

January 30, 2009

On Feb. 28th these guys are going to meet up and Vigeant will have the opportunity to start his legacy.

If Perron gets his shoulder behind his hand Vigeant will be in for the biggest war of his career.  Much greater than his battle with Brzenk less than a year ago.

Although Perron is known for his tremendous hook and recognized the world over for his shoulder press, his top roll has beaten the BEST!

Milano and the NAA are bringing armwrestling fans something extraordinary.  This is not only a great physical match up, but a historical event in armwrestling history.

God Damn I hope ArmTV is there to film this match.


Chad, Andreas, Bessie, John, Charlie

Chad, Andreas, Bessie, John, Charlie

Picture from filming of  “Pulling John” at 2004 Zloty Tur

Pulling John

January 28, 2009

The movie is done.  

Whooptie doooo.

Ok, when is it going to premier?

It is going to premier at the SXSW film festival in Austin, Texas.  Yes, that is the 4th most prestigious film festival in the world. 

Yeah, I am stoked.  Stay tuned for more details and a trailer.

Every Second Counts

December 17, 2008

Neglecting the site is something I did not want to happen, but it has been for the greater good – my greater good that is!

Below is a trailer from my new movie, “Every Second Counts”.  Executive producers Lauren and Greg Glassman (Founders and CEO of CrossFit) along with co-director Carey Peterson and myself (a former armwrestling expert) have nearly completed our first film together.  I suspect there will be more.

Speaking of FILMS, “Pulling John” will be available on DVD shortly in the United States.  I use the term shortly relative to the 5 year production process.


Sevan Matossian filming Josh Everett at 2008 CrossFit Games

Sevan Matossian filming Josh Everett at 2008 CrossFit Games




Every Second Counts [mov]

Every Second Counts [wmv]


November 28, 2008

In an unprecedented move, all the armwrestling promoters around the world, all organizations, have come together in unity.  Starting January 1st, 2009, all promoters will charge $1.00 extra per entry and subsidize ArmTV.

The group of promoters met and a reliable leak reports that this will start with a 5 year test phase.

Although it is only a small gesture from the promoters it is a HUGE step.  In an incestuous community that is often cannibalistic, with an archaic mentality, this step is enormous.

Gary Roberts has not made any official statements but rumors from the ArmTV camp say “this is exactly the kind of support that will allow Roberts to attend more tournaments and provide the greatest coverage of armwrestling from around the world.”

“Gary Roberts doesn’t just film, edit, and post matches, interviews and other armwrestling information on to the world wide web, he is the unofficial spokesman and liaison within the sport and to the outside world.  This is not a choice anybody has made or a position that Gary has chosen, it is rather the by product of being the most world traveled armwrestling aficionado, puller, fan, and promoter that has EVER LIVED!

Supporting Roberts is the only choice the community has, anything else would be self sacrifice”

~sevan matossian

Inspiration for this benevolent gesture supposedly comes from the unrestrained and wildly passionate, Neil Pickup who was recently detained at Canadian customs for a mistaken smuggling charge.   Canadian agents presumed Pickup was smuggling a ball python in his nickers.  Pickup was taken to secondary inspection where he cleared his name and all animal poaching charges were dropped.  A few of the female agents did request photos with Pickup.


Gary Roberts and Neil "the Debonaire" Pickup

Gary Roberts & Neil "the debonaire" Pickup


Todays Workout

400 meter run

15 D-ball slams – 40lbs

12 pullups

4 rounds

I did it in 15:02 – pretty easy 





David Randall speaks

November 24, 2008

I knew he was a member of the boards

The kind of member that never posted.  I don’t mean he posted only once or twice a month.  I mean he NEVER posted, until yesterday.

I read his post 3 times.  I enjoyed it every time.

It’s at the bottom of the page DAVID RANDALL POST.

That entire thread is turning into something special!  


David Randall

David Randall

Todays workout

100 – 16lb D-ball smasjes

100 Pullups

100 ring dips for time

I did it in 23:03 minutes

Video of d-ball smash [mov] – courtesy of

Video of d-ball smash [wmv]

The Armwrestling Gospel

November 20, 2008

“ARM TV is a huge benefit to our sport in my opinion and I support Gary’s efforts and honestly hope the lad goes from strength to strength in the future.

Just to add something to the mix here guys, I’m really of the opinion that it would be beneficial for people in what is effectively a small developing minority sport to support each others efforts to develop the Armwrestling and make it more widely accessible. 

Certainly methods of achieving this may differ from individual to individual but hopefully we have a common cause and our time would be best spent focussing on how we can all further the sport collectively and individually, rather than looking at ways we might make it more difficult for anyone who is currently pushing the sport forward to continue to do so in the future.”

~Neil Pickup

Todays Video

Chad Knoffsinger vs Chris Kaufman –

Intimidated by Cadorette

November 16, 2008

New York Time Article – read about Jerry Cadorette from the eyes of the NY Times

JC is a nice guy.  No not that JC. I am talking about Jerry Cadorette.  I don’t want to like Jerry.  He talks shit to my super heroes.  He had a weird beef with John Brzenk on the boards a year or so back.  Jerry got all bent outta shape (or so it appeared) cause John said something about pinning his whole family.  It was a great line.  Jerry was a complete bully and a douche when he faced Travis Bagent for $10,000 at an AMAZING tournament thrown by Pete Milano, James Reatrides and Christian Binnie.

When Jerry enters the room  – other armwrstlers I used to want to lose —  all of a sudden I want them to beat Jerry. He was the villian in my armwrestling narrative.

Until I met HIM.  I met Jerry in Denver.  We sat down and chatted.  Damn he is a nice guy.  Yes he is intimidating.  Not like John Brzenk.  John’s intimidating cause he will just sit there and stare at you.  John can sit still and be silent in situations that make most grown men squirm and feel uncomfortable.  John’s sorta like a reptile in that way.  Like your face to face with a big ass crocodile, still, calm, prehistoric, and virile. 

Jerry is not intimidating like Travis Bagent either.  Travis is like a tornado.  He’s the wild bull in the China shop.  

Jerry is just straight up a bad ass.  You know it, as soon as you see him.  “yep that’s a fucking bad dude” your inner voice says to you when you see him.  As I recall even his lady almost got into a brawl at the NE tournament where he pulled Travis.  If you were picking teams for any sport, the first guy you pick is Jerry, for 2 reasons.  One, he is probably gonna WIN and two if you don’t win he can escort you safely outta the venue.  The guy is impressive!

I am gonna try not to like him, every narrative needs a GREAT vilian, but it may be to late.

Jacob Abbot vs Bryan Johnson

Jacob Abbot vs Bryan Johnson

Todays WOD

10 kettbell swings – 1.5 pood – 54lbs  – video courtesy of

10 push ups

7 pull ups to chest

10 rounds for time

I forgot my stop watch, my time was not impressive.  I took 10 breaths between each exercise. I used a 55lb dumb bell for my kettlebell swings.



Jerry Cadorette vs Ryan Croft 216lb+ RT hand – NAL – [.mov]